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Red Barn Art - showcases original photographs and paintings
About Us
Growing up on a farm in West Tennessee, Susan Williams Phillips
has been creating art since childhood, wandering hills, woods
and pastureland with faithful family dogs gathering appreciation 
for all of nature and developing an eye for detail.
Upon entering college, she began more formal training in the arts,
earning an associate of art degree, then continuing studies
at a major university concentrating in graphic design.
During her college years and since, she has enjoyed creating
many personal pieces and commissioned works, many of which
were portraits in pencil, pastel, acrylic or oil, and working in
the commercial art field.
For over 33 years, Susan Williams Phillips has been sharing
her artistic creations and is now proud to offer them here to the
discerning art collector. We will continue to expand our gallery
of art and artists and welcome you to join us as we explore
the natural and man-made world around us.
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